The Enrollment process at King Fahad Centre involves six steps: Parent Tours, Application, Wait List, Classroom Observation, Registration, and Parenting Classes. Orientation Sessions and information about financial assistance follow the basic admission sequence.

Parent Tours

To help parents learn more about Montessori education and our program in particular, we offer monthly tours. The tour takes place in one of our beautiful prepared environments after the children have gone home for the day. During your visit, you will learn about:

A brief history of King Fahad Centre , our accreditations, traditions, and values
King Fahad Centre insight into the development of the human being
A typical day in the life of a three-year-old
The Montessori materials and how they are shared with the children
Our waiting list, programs, and application guidelines
How to schedule an observation
Parent tours take place monthly, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., while King Fahad Centre is in session and are for adults only. In addition to the information session, you will receive a packet which includes an application.
Application / Wait List


A requirement for being considered for registration is for parent(s) to spend a morning observing in one of the classrooms. Although the information received during the parent tour is comprehensive, it cannot provide parents with the same kind of information one gains by seeing a Montessori class in action. Parents will receive an observation guide, and be encouraged to have questions answered by the Head of Centre afterward. An observation period insures that parents have a clear understanding of how the Montessori approach works and that it is compatible with their values and what they desire for their child. A collaborative relationship with parents will help insure their childʼs years at King Fahad Centre are a positive, enriching experience.