An acknowledgment that the child has her own pattern – which we need to take into account where the child is at. King Fahad Centre saw the child’s development as passing through four developmental phases, with a pattern of intense growth reaching a peak and then declining,within each phase.

King Fahad Centre philosophy recognizes that children have a natural drive that inspires them. Their mind are like fertile fields, and their inherent love of learning is stimulated when they are given opportunities to engage in meaningful activities with proper balance of freedom and guidance from specially trained teachers.

King Fahad Centre develop skills of concentration, motivation and self-discipline. Within this framework, each child progresses at his own pace and rhythm, according to his individual capabilities, and is inspired to learn with wonder and confidence.

King Fahad Centre bears witness to availability and brilliance of this educational approach. King Fahad Centre does not cater to a particular type of child exceptionally bright, average and more slowly paced students can blossom in our environment.

King Fahad Centre serves children with a singular mission to enable them to develop their individual gifts within a respectful, loving and supportive environment.