Does OkCup – is really so exactly what are we doing right here?

Does OkCup – is really so exactly what are we doing right here?

It is not surprising, but OkCupid is my site that is preferred of, simply nudging down what about We. Both solutions are superb. OkCupid is free, however and continues to be a good solution. Over the past many months they rolled away a unique “profile booster” feature.

Seems not difficult. You spend them a couple dollars, you will get towards the “head for the relative line” whenever people are looking profiles. Meaning your profile is more most likely recon to bubble to your top. Interesting? A bit. Desperate? Well, one might make a disagreement for either. Screw it. I will try out this shit and let you know exactly what is what along with it.

What exactly are we doing right here?

Have a look at that bad sap up here. Just what a goon!

We are attempting to see if sliding a couple dollars to your meat-market that is digital referred to as OkCupid, would assist presence and eventually get me personally a romantic date. I am perhaps not bragging right right here, but i actually do fine where it comes down to getting attention on my profile. Truly, I do not know what exactly is regarded as a “good” figure on OkCupid, therefore I’m just planning to assume my number is ‘par-for-the-course. ‘ That is, I’m normal and my number minus the boost is mostly about 150 to 170 on a day-to-day foundation.

I am guessing that a lift would increase or quadruple that figure in a far reduced length of time. The worth listed here is that more attention might equal more discussion and much more dates. That is an assumption that is sound no?

Aaaand just exactly what took place next?

And so I forked over two bucks for fifteen minutes to getting boosted. There is 10.99 and 5.99 options, for greater sustained boosts. Therefore more material for lots more money rather than such a thing additional… yawn.

Once my re re payment ended up being received and prepared OkCupid got to work and began showing me stats live of people who had visited and “seen” my profile. Read more